ISCHR Committee Descriptions

Reimbursement/Advocacy Committee:

This committee shall provide resources and information and coordinate advocacy initiatives related to reimbursement and other issues and policies that affect CR / PR programs, patients and services. The committee will also serve as a resource to all individuals and programs for information pertaining to the existing and potential reimbursement, and advocating for issues and policies that effect cardiac and pulmonary patients and services.

Communication and Marketing:

This committee is responsible for distribution of communication and marketing information to members. This includes maintaining current, accurate and relevant information on the web site and social media, recommending and initiating web site design improvements, coordinating with AACVPR to send out mass emails and developing materials to market our services to medical professionals and the community.


This committee is responsible for engaging potential new members, maintaining current members, and meeting member needs. This committee will work in conjunction with AACVPR to keep state program and professional list up to date.

Quality and Outcomes:

This committee will identify opportunities to measure, assess and improve quality in ISCHR member programs. This may include initiatives to increase participation and success in and utilize data from AACVPR Program Certification and Registries Finance Committee.

The Finance Committee:

Chaired by the Treasurer, shall consist of members appointed by the President. The committee shall have the following responsibilities: 1. Budget: Oversee development and BOD approval of Association budget. Develop and maintain a 3 year estimated budget to assist in strategic planning. 2. Financial oversight: Ensure maintenance of accurate and complete financial records, including monitoring of income and expenditures against projections 3. Audit: Review annual audit results 4. Investments: a. Review investment procedures of Association b. Review performance of financial investment portfolios, appoints investment fund managers, and establishes investment guidelines for deployment of reserve funds c. Ensure that additions to reserve investment fund occur each year d. Recommend to BOD establishment of designated reserve funds

Education/Professional Development Committee:

This committee will be responsible for identifying and coordinating educational opportunities, professional development, and networking. Nomination Committee: Chaired by the Immediate Past President, this committee is responsible for idnetifyign and recommending a slate of candidates for each open Board office and position with input from the general membership.

Regional Committees:

Assist the Regional Representative from their area to coordinate informational meetings (face-to-face and/or teleconference) between members in each region. Each region representative will serve on the Board of Directors.

Conference Planning Committee:

This committee is chaired by the President Elect and is responsible for planning the annual education conference. Duties include selection of the host site, selection of topics/speakers, recruitment of sponsors, and other operational duties as needed.

Emerging Professionals Committee: 

The mission of this committee is to help direct undergraduate and graduate level students into the profession of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation along with making the transition from student to entry-level professional.

Committee Goals:

1.) Enhance communication and understanding between undergraduate/graduate programs and ISCHR.

2.) Guide and support young professionals entering the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation field.

3.) Provide professional development opportunities and encourage student involvement in the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation field.